I work with business and professional women who are passionate about their work. They want to communicate effectively in their work and about their work. They understand that speaking confidently, knowing they have a full complement of speaking skills, will make them more successful in every situation.

They use or want to use their speaking skills in a wide array of situations. In one-on-one conversations with clients or patients, addressing colleagues, making presentations, networking or marketing their businesses or practices, these business and professional women want to use their speaking skills to accomplish their goals.

Are any of the following true for you?

Speaking in front of groups makes you anxious. In fact, you avoid speaking opportunities, even when you are the right person to speak. You keep quiet in meetings, even though you have good ideas to share. Your reluctance to speak keeps you from advancing your career.

You’re not anxious about speaking, but you’d like to be a better speaker. You are sometimes frustrated preparing to speak, not knowing the best way to approach it, and wish it didn’t take so long. Sometimes you “just wing it,” but you know that’s not working for you. Or you feel you aren’t conveying your ideas clearly and/or connecting with your audience as well as you’d like.

You have some goals that require more advanced speaking skills. You’d like to be more of a leader. Perhaps you’d like to move into new arenas. But you’re not getting the kind of feedback that helps you know what speaking skills you need to develop and you don’t know how to go about developing them.

Are we a good match?

I work most successfully with women who

  • want to invest in themselves by developing their confidence and speaking skills
  • recognize the value this work will bring to their professional lives
  • have an open mind, a flexible approach, and a willingness to try out new ways
  • want sustainable changes, not quick fixes that quickly disappear
  • commit to working hard on this area of their professional development

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Jeannine Kay, MBA
Speaker, Speaking Coach, Trainer