“I was recently accepted to medical school. And I couldn’t have done it without Jeannine Kay.

I was incredibly impressed by Jeannine’s professionalism, focused attention, rhythmic coaching style, impeccable attention to detail, and positive guidance. I went from a monotonous, loquacious doldrum to a confident, incisive speaker. Jeannine taught me how to present the most important information in my long-winded answers succinctly and confidently. I was an umming, leg-twitching, eye-darting tsunami of spoken thoughts. Jeannine made me into a calm river teeming with strong insights.

Jeannine is not your typical speaking coach. She’s an intelligent, caring, and professional communications guru. I highly recommend her.”



“One might think that one-on-one coaching for an experience that is so NOT one-on-one, public speaking, would be a waste of time.  Not so!   With her professional, warm interaction and her keen eye for detail, Jeannine provides critique and pointers that are invaluable.  From body language to nervous tics, to volume, style and content, time spent with Jeannine is extremely worthwhile.”



“In only two coaching sessions, Jeannine taught me enough skills so that I could sail through my first interview for television with confidence and professionalism.  The producer even told me to thank Jeannine for ‘preparing me so well.’”



“In one-on-one speech training with Jeannine Kay, I learned what I did well, what I could improve and how.  She taught me how to become a more powerful speaker.  My communication effectiveness has greatly improved thanks to Jeannine’s expert tutelage.”



“My presentation was very successful. I was so exhilarated afterwards! Thanks Jeannine, your help was key to my success.”



“Jeannine Kay helped me prepare for and pass my psychiatry oral board exams. I learned speaking presentation skills with her that will serve me in many areas of my life. I wish I had consulted her sooner because there were many events in school and career that could have been less painful and more successful with her help.”



“Jeannine has taught me so much about making my own presentations vibrant and compelling. Each time we meet she caringly pushes me further in exploring the quality of my voice, the learned talent of crafting great content, and in utilizing many other skills to strengthen my presentations.”



“Jeannine’s ability to convey her own skills of public speaking is inspirational and builds self confidence while dispelling those common notions of self doubt and anxiety.”