I help women give voice to their expertise, ideas, and opinions. When they speak up, they have more impact, their careers are more successful, they feel better about themselves, and the world benefits.

I'm Uniquely Focused on You

My clients tend to have busy lives, and want to experience the benefits of coaching as soon as possible. So I focus immediately and intensely with each client on who she is, what situations she speaks in, and what she wants to accomplish. We do the work together that gets quickly to the heart of her need to communicate confidently and effectively, so she is more successful in the ways she chooses.

My clients are individuals who appreciate coaching that is tailored specifically for them and their needs. Plenty of “cookie cutter” options to learn speaking are available. For example, you can attend once-a-week long-term, low-cost programs, where participants try to help each other with their speaking. These are a very slow process, with no guarantee that you’ll get what you need to become an excellent speaker. Other programs take each participant through the same series of techniques, based on the mistaken notion that everyone has the same needs and wants the same result.

My coaching is faster and more personal. I focus on the unique needs and talents of each client, and help her to develop the authentic voice that’s waiting inside her.

My Approach

I encourage and challenge each individual to expand her speaking repertoire. So often we get into habits of what we say and how we say it -- not surprisingly, we keep getting the same results. Then we come to believe those results are inevitable. Often we don’t know what other options we might have.

I provide each client with the opportunity to discover new ways of thinking, speaking, and behaving that offer new and better results. It’s a chance to leave behind your belief that, “Oh, that’s the way I always do it” or “I guess that’s just who I am.” It’s a chance to discover that you can approach your speaking in new and different ways, get better results, and discover how many more options you really have.

I help my clients develop a toolbox of speaking skills. I work with each client to identify her unique perspectives and abilities, and to develop her own authentic approach to speaking. At the end of the process, each client has at her command the full spectrum of speaking tools for use in any particular situation.

My Guiding Beliefs

I base my approach on these guiding beliefs:

  • Too many women are not making the impact or achieving the success they could, because they lack confidence and/or speaking skills.
  • Confidence can be developed and speaking skills can be learned.
  • Speaking is not the end goal. Speaking is the pathway, the vehicle, the means to accomplish many of your goals.
  • Many women would have more of what they want in their lives if they were excellent speakers.
  • We each have a unique, authentic voice.

The world would be a better place if we heard more women’s voices.

Your Expected Results

As a result of our work together, you can expect to:

  • communicate effectively in your work and about your work
  • experience confidence on the inside and convey confidence to the outside
  • know how to prepare for and accomplish your goals in a wide array of speaking situations
  • know how to convey your ideas clearly, and how to connect with your audience
  • be able to use your speaking to advance yourself and your career, your business or practice, or move into new arenas of influence or leadership

Become the best speaker you can be!

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